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Related Resources

A Compendium of Good Practices in Rural Water Supply Schemes Taking on New Challenges

This Compendium of Good Practices in Operation and Maintenance of Rural Water Supply Schemes was prepared by the Water and Sanitation Program at the request of the Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation, Government of India. | »

Water Security for Climate Resilience Report A synthesis of research from the Oxford University REACH programme

This report presents a synthesis of published and ongoing research by REACH which explores the relationship between water security, climate and climate adaptation decisions, drawing on findings from REACH research conducted in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia.

It concludes with three recommendations for to advance water security for climate resilience:

1. More accurate and granular analysis of climate risk is needed to increase relevance of climate information
2. Metrics for monitoring climate resilience in water systems are critical to track progress and inform investments for water security
3. New institutional models that improve water security will be critical for climate resilience | »

Specification for Deep Well Handpump (Second revision - 1984) - historic

Old copies of India Mark II specifications from the Indian Standards Institution + UNICEF India's list of Qualified Suppliers of India Mark II Handpumps and Spare Parts (historic - 1985)

This is for historic interest and research only. Please refer to current standards from RWSN/Skat and the Bureau of Indian Standards) | »

Rower Pump

The Rower pump is a reciprocating piston pump with 2" PVC pipe as the pump cylinder. This cylinder is inclined at 30* from horizontal and the operator pushes and pulls directly on a 'T' handle at the end of the piston rod. The pump is operated with a rowing action' hence the name "Rower". | »

Cast Iron No. 6 Suction Hand Pump Production Manual

This production manual contains the design specifications and drawings of Cast lron No. 6 Hand pump. The manual has been produced by UNICEF, Dhaka, Bangladesh and will be provided to selected manufacturers in Bangladesh for specific purpose of assisting them to produce No. 6 Hand pump to the specified standards. | »

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