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Contact Person
Ismail Mohamud
+252 69 993 5564 or +252 61 993 5564



Somali Green Initiatives & Technology (SOMGIT) is a private company based and registered in Mogadishu, Somalia. SOMGIT aims to develop new boreholes and rehabilitate non-working boreholes in a cost efficient manner as well as providing cost effective and innovative irrigation systems, greenhouse-farming solutions, and agro-inputs.

Our water solutions make use of sustainable solar and wind energy systems and we have capability and know-how for implementing Information and Communication Technology for real time information on system performance and status.

We develop new boreholes and rehabilitate nonworking boreholes in rural areas as well as setup irrigation systems.

SOMGIT seeks to learn the RWSN ongoing efforts and apply in Somalia those best practices developed by the RWSN.

SOMGIT is committed to improve access to water services for the rural areas in Somalia. By joining the RWSN we wish to contribute to the RWSN ongoing efforts by providing our rural field experiences from Somalia. SOMGIT is also available to engage with the network by participating by in field research and providing data from the Somali rural areas.


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