Financing life-cycle costs

Emphasis will be on enhancing capacity in the sector to undertake lifecycle costing as well as asset management for rural water supply, and the use of this in planning and budgeting at local government level. Building on the outcomes of the 2014 e-discussion on local governments, advocacy messages will be developed on the need for public financing of local government to play its designated role in water service provision.

Topic: Financing Life-Cycle Costs

Expected outcomes (2015-2017):

  • In at least three countries, life-cycle costs of services have been clarified and used to improve the sector’s financial frameworks
  • Water service professionals have a good understanding of lifecycle costs of water service provision.

Activities & Publications (2015-2017):

  • Development of guidelines on lifecycle costing for water supply
  • Training and tool for lifecycle planning and budgeting at local government level
  • Advocacy for increasing public financing for sustainable rural water services

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