RWSN is about connecting people are passionate about tackling poverty and providng the most basic of services - clean water.

While nothing beats meeting people face-to-face, there are more and more ways in which you can meet like-minded professionals and solve your problems together and share knowledge and ideas. Below are just some of the ways that we encourage you to find each other, and also keep up to date with the latest news and information.

  • RWSN LinkedIn group - the Secretariat posts news updates here at least weekly, often daily and encourages other to do so too.
  • Twitter - there is an @RWSN account, but most activity is through the account of Sean Furey (@thewatercyclist), of the RWSN Secretariat
  • RWSN Facebook page - major new updates are posted here
  • RWSN on Vimeo - where we post most of our videos.
  • RWSN on YouTube - we post some videos here, but not so many, it's better to use our Vimeo page.

For academics, you can follow Dr Kerstin Danert and Sean Furey on ResearchGate - and we like following your research!