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Selection des Methodes de Construction des Puits

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Year of Publishing: 2009
Publisher: UNICEF

UNICEF, Practica et EntrepriseWorks/VITA ont développé une mallette pédagogique à l'intention des pays africains souhaitant s'engager dans la professionnalisation du secteur du forage manuel. Cette mallette pédagogique comprend des fiches et manuels techniques.

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Why wells should only be dug in a specific period of the year? Understanding one of the main causes of wells’ drying in Sierra Leone, through an analysis of a water table movements.

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Year of Publishing: 0000

A survey conducted by Inter Aide in 2010-2011 in 3 districts of Sierra Leone has highlighted that among 2028 hand-dug wells visited, 45% of them were not delivering water permanently all year long.

Security systems for Hand Pumps in rural areas of Malawi

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Year of Publishing: 2014

Description of technical solutions to protect Afridev hand pumps from robberies and vandalism developed by Inter Aide and its local partner BASEDA in Malawi.

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