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The World We Want 2015

Rural Water Supply Network (RWSN)

People, Power and Politics Sub-Consultation on Water Governance:


What kind of world do you want, for yourself, for your children and your grandchildren; and for others? As I speak, a high-level panel is preparing a report which will set out a "bold yet practical vision", for Sustainable Development. It will feed into the next UN General Assembly meeting in September 2013. My paper (and 3 minute presentation) People, Power and Politics, is part of a consultation process on Water. These consultations, try to be “bottom up” and to consider the thinking and ideas from civil society, government, UN, the private sector, academia and citizens. In other words YOU!

Let me share some of my thoughts, to trigger your response, and to encourage you to participate in the consultation and help to define a world that you want. The discussion runs from the 28th January to the 4th February 2013.

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DANERT, K (2013) People, Power and Politics. Sub-Consultation on Water Governance: , Rural Water Supply Network (RWSN) , The World We Want 2015


Administración del Agua: Personas, Poder y Política
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Water Governance: People, Power and Politics
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la Gouvernance de l’Eau: les Personnes, le Pouvoir et les Politiques
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