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2nd HTN Workshop (Malawi, 1997) Partnerships, Roles and Responsibilities

This document reports the proceedings of the Handpump Technology Network (HTN) Workshop held at Mangochi, Malawi, 17-21 March 1997. The Mangochit Workshop was hosted by the Government of Malawi and UNICEF Malawi and sponsored by the Swiss Agency of Development and Cooperation (SDC) and UNICEF. | »

Water Security for Climate Resilience Report A synthesis of research from the Oxford University REACH programme

This report presents a synthesis of published and ongoing research by REACH which explores the relationship between water security, climate and climate adaptation decisions, drawing on findings from REACH research conducted in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia.

It concludes with three recommendations for to advance water security for climate resilience:

1. More accurate and granular analysis of climate risk is needed to increase relevance of climate information
2. Metrics for monitoring climate resilience in water systems are critical to track progress and inform investments for water security
3. New institutional models that improve water security will be critical for climate resilience | »

RWSN SADC strategic workshop report_June2021

Report and slides of the Strategic Workshop Rural Water Supply Network: Designing a regional presence in Southern Africa (SADC), 29 June 2021. | »

Pompe Manuelle a Volant Modele: ATP Plans de Fabrication

Dessins de conception de la version ATP de la pompe manuelle Volant | »

The Karonga VLOM Field Experience with Afridev Deepwell Handpumps April 1991 to March 1994

The project has imported four lots of pumps containing a total of 295 units. AlI were imported according to SKAT specifications.

In January 1994 monitoring it was found that:
- At any given time 95% of water are in function
- Pump committees function and Pump Attendant maintain pumps and can do all repairs. Spare parts are purchased.
- A privatised spare parts distribution system based on 15 village shops and two wholesale outlets is meeting the demand for spares. | »

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