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A short history of the Zimbabwe Bush Pump Water and Sanitation in Zimbabwe

Downloads: 76
Author: MORGAN, P.
Year of Publishing: 2010
Publisher: Aquamor Pvt Ltd

Drilling Cost Estimation and Cost-Saving Analysis

Downloads: 335
Author: CARTER, R. C.
Year of Publishing: 2009
Publisher: RWSN
Institution: WaterAid

Hand Drilling in Southern Sudan

Downloads: 106
Year of Publishing: 2009
Publisher: Department of Rural Water Supply and Sanitation (South Sudan)

Low Cost Drilling in the Sudan - from an NGO Perspective National Workshop on Cost Effective Boreholes in Sudan, Khartoum

Downloads: 64
Author: IAS
Year of Publishing: 2009
Publisher: International Aid Services

The Importance of Manual Drilling in Africa

Downloads: 80
Author: GAYA, S.
Year of Publishing: 2009
Publisher: UNICEF

Afridev: Maintenance interventions for the Afridev Handpump

Downloads: 57
Author: RWSN
Year of Publishing: 2008
Publisher: Skat

Quality Control (Training Modules 1-3)

Downloads: 354
Author: ERPF, K.
Year of Publishing: 2007
Publisher: Rural Water Supply Network
Institution: Skat

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