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Normes et Standards de Forage Manuels au Tchad

Downloads: 84
Year of Publishing: 2009
Publisher: UNICEF
Institution: Ministre de la pêche, de l’hydraulique villageoise et pastorale

Domestic Rainwater Harvesting: Uganda Field Study Report 2009

Downloads: 18
Author: Kerstin Danert and Nigel Motts
Year of Publishing: 2009
Publisher: EnterpriseWorks/VITA
Institution: EnterpriseWorks/VITA

Zambia - National Guidelines for Sustainable Operation and Maintenance of Hand Pumps in Rural Areas (2007)

Downloads: 118
Author: MLGH
Year of Publishing: 2007
Publisher: Ministry of Local Gov. and Housing (Zambia)

Afridev Handpump - old specification versions (Revision 5-2007 is the current version)

Downloads: 28
Author: Baumann, E. & J. Keen
Year of Publishing: 1994
Publisher: Skat
Institution: HTN

Pages: 1

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