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Vote4WASH campaign

Downloads: 1
Author: Vote4WASH
Year of Publishing: 2019
Publisher: Vote4WASH
Institution: Vote4WASH

Cost effective ways to leave no-one behind in rural water and sanitation - Summary of RWSN E-discussion

Downloads: 101
Author: Guy Hutton, Louisa Gosling, Marieke Adank, Julia Boulenouar, Sean Furey, Meleesa Naughton and Sandra Fürst
Year of Publishing: 2019
Publisher: RWSN

Groundwater’s Contribution to Water Security in Africa UPGro Working Paper

Downloads: 91
Author: Upton K. & Danert, K (editors)
Year of Publishing: 2019
Publisher: Skat Foundation
Institution: UPGro

Représentation des usagers et dialogue multi-acteurs pour le suivi des services d’eau potable au Sénégal Etudes et recommandations du projet Sense pour la région de Saint-Louis

Downloads: 1
Year of Publishing: 2019
Publisher: Gret
Institution: Gret

Performance-based Funding for Reliable Rural Water Services in Africa Uptime Consortium Working Paper 1

Downloads: 21
Author: McNicholl, D., Hope, R., Money, A., Lane, A., Armstrong, A., van der Wilk, N., Dupuis, M., Harvey, A., Nyaga, C., Womble, S., Favre, D., Allen, J., Katuva., J., Barbotte, T., Buhungiro, E., Thomson, P., and Koehler, J.
Year of Publishing: 2019

Technical Notes on Borehole Drilling in Madagascar

Downloads: 46
Author: UNICEF
Year of Publishing: 2019
Publisher: UNICEF
Institution: UNICEF

Good practice for borehole drilling in Burkina Faso

Downloads: 83
Author: Danert K, Ouedraogo JP, Balima A, and Zombre A
Year of Publishing: 2019
Publisher: UNICEF/ Skat Foundation
Institution: UNICEF/ Skat Foundation

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