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SDC Guideline for sustainable groundwater resource management Swiss Humanitarian Aid Reports and Papers (SHARP Series: GW/2016/1)

Downloads: 201
Author: BUSSARD, T.
Year of Publishing: 2016
Publisher: SDC

Guide pratique pour le captage de source et la construction de petits réseaux Expérience des programmes Inter Aide dans la chaîne des Montagnes Noires en Haïti

Downloads: 14
Year of Publishing: 2012
Publisher: Inter Aide

Notebook for the diagnosis and maintenance of gravity-flow systems (IA Ethiopia)

Downloads: 15
Author: BOURGOIS, F.
Year of Publishing: 2014
Institution: Diagnosis of gravity-flow systems

Water Source Protection Exploring ways to incentivise citizens and organisations to manage shared water resources in a fair, equitable way.

Downloads: 301
Author: FUREY S. G.
Year of Publishing: 2015
Publisher: Skat Foundation
Institution: RWSN

Guidelines to Planning Sustainable Water Projects and Selecting Appropriate Technologies Water & Sanitation Rotarian Action Group

Downloads: 218
Author: WASRAG
Year of Publishing: 2012
Publisher: Rotary International

Multi-Village Pooling Project in Indonesia Handbook for Community-Based Water Supply Organizations

Downloads: 80
Author: World Bank
Year of Publishing: 2011
Publisher: World Bank

Guidebook for the implementation of decentralised water supply systems in Moldova ApaSan, Swiss Water and Sanitation Project in Moldova

Downloads: 301
Author: Compilation: K. Klingel and S. Diener
Year of Publishing: 2014
Publisher: Skat Consulting Ltd
Institution: ApaSan, SDC, ADC

Water Safety Planning for Small Communities Step-by-step risk management guidance for drinking-water supplies in small communities

Downloads: 338
Author: WHO
Year of Publishing: 2012
Publisher: World Health Organisation

Introductory Guide to Appropriate Solutions for Water and Sanitation

Downloads: 322
Author: HOLDEN, R. and SWANEPOEL, T.
Year of Publishing: 2004
Publisher: DWAF Dep. Of Water Affairs and Forest (South Africa)

Spring Catchment Manuals on Drinking Water Supply. Volume 4:

Downloads: 459
Author: MEULI, C., WEHRLE, K.
Year of Publishing: 2001
Publisher: Skat

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