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Código de Boas Práticas para a Obtenção de Furos Rentáveis

Downloads: 34
Author: Kerstin Danert, Tom Armstrong, Dotun Adekile, Bruno Duffau, Inoussa Ouedraogo e Clement Kwei
Year of Publishing: 2017
Publisher: RWSN
Institution: RWSN

Preliminary Assessment on the status of the water well drilling sector in Angola, Final Report

Downloads: 32
Author: Fiel, P.
Year of Publishing: 2017
Publisher: UNICEF
Institution: UNICEF

Striving for Professionalism in Cost Effective Boreholes Angola

Downloads: 22
Author: Dotun Adekile, Bélis Matabire, Miguel Angel Gonzalez Alonso and Dr Kerstin Danert
Year of Publishing: 2017
Publisher: UNICEF/ Skat Foundation
Institution: UNICEF/ Skat Foundation

Forage d’eau: vers la professionnalisation d’un secteur

Downloads: 118
Author: UNICEF et Skat Foundation
Year of Publishing: 2018

Pages: 1

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