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Remote Monitoring of Handpumps Topical collection of papers and reports


Remote monitoring of handpumps has been under development for nearly a decade and several systems have been piloted extensively and reaching the point of being deployed on a large scale.

This is a collection of papers and reports on different systems and research teams.

RWSN does not endorse any one system but supports the general concept of using this type of technology to improve the professionalism, sustainability and service quality of rural water services.

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Various (2020) Remote Monitoring of Handpumps. Topical collection of papers and reports

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Achut Manandhara, Heloise Greeff, Patrick ,Thomson, Rob Hope, David A. Clifton (2020) Shallow aquifer monitoring using handpump vibration data, Journal of Hydrology X Volume 8, August 2020
pdf • Size: 3.1 MB

Tashman, Z.; Gorder, C.; Parthasarathy, S.; Nasr-Azadani, M.M.; Webre, R. Anomaly Detection System for Water Networks in Northern Ethiopia Using Bayesian Inference. Sustainability 2020, 12, 2897.
pdf • Size: 2 MB

Thomas, E., Needoba, J., Kaberia, D., Butterworth, J., Adams, E., Oduor, P., Macharia, D., Mitheu, F., Mugo, R., Nagel, C. "Quantifying increased groundwater demand from prolonged drought in the East African Rift Valley," Science of the Total Environment,
pdf • Size: 1.5 MB

Greeff, H., Manandhar, A., Thomson, P., Hope, R. and Clifton, D.A. (2019) Distributed inference condition monitoring system for rural infrastructure in the developing world. IEEE Sensors Journal, 19(5): 1820-1828.
pdf • Size: 1.78 MB

Thomson, P., Bradley, D., Katilu, A., Katuva, J., Lanzoni, M., Koehler, J. and Hope, R. (2019) Rainfall and groundwater use in rural Kenya. Science of The Total Environment, 649: 722-730.
pdf • Size: 1.03 MB

UNC WaSH Policy Research Digest Issue #8, MAY 2018: Remote monitoring of Handpump Functionality
pdf • Size: 0.37 MB

Swan, AD and Kenny, O and Logan, I and Ballam, D (2019) A pilot study from The Gambia to improve access to water, energy, and mobile phones.
pdf • Size: 0.92 MB

Swan, AD and Skipworth, P and Walker, L and Thursfield, G (2018) Field trials of a new monitoring system for water pumps in Sierra Leone and The Gambia
pdf • Size: 0.7 MB

Wilson, D., Coyle, J., Thomas, E. (2017) “Ensemble Machine Learning and Forecasting Can Achieve 99% Uptime for Rural Handpumps,” PloS ONE
pdf • Size: 1.86 MB

Colchester, F., Marais, H., Thomson, P., Hope, R. and Clifton, D. (2017). Accidental infrastructure for groundwater monitoring in Africa. Environmental Modelling & Software, 91, pp.241-250
pdf • Size: 2.13 MB

Foster, T. and Hope, R. (2017). Evaluating waterpoint sustainability and access implications of revenue collection approaches in rural Kenya. Water Resources Research.
pdf • Size: 3.03 MB

Swan, AD and Cooper, N and Gamble, W and Pritchard, M (2017) Using smart pumps to help deliver universal access to safe and affordable drinking water.
pdf • Size: 0.73 MB

2016 RWSN Forum Poster: Pump for Life: a subscription based water point maintenance and repair service [168] Niklaus Holbro, Alphonsina Kanyeto, Lauren DeMello-Guyett, Elisa Urbinati – MSABI
pdf • Size: 1.47 MB

RWSN Forum 2016 Paper: Handpump Spare Parts Distribution Through The Private Sector Using Mobile Phone Technology [238] Cameron McDonald, Samyuri Mumuni, Patrick Apoya, Albert Ekuful, Marieke Adank
pdf • Size: 0.43 MB

Nagel, C., Beach, J., Iribagiza, C., & Thomas, E. A. (2015). Evaluating Cellular Instrumentation on Rural Handpumps to Improve Service Delivery—A Longitudinal Study in Rural Rwanda. Environmental Science & Technology, 49(24), 14292–14300
pdf • Size: 1.94 MB

Thomson, P., Hope, R.A. and Foster, T. (2012) GSM-enabled remote monitoring of rural handpumps: A proof of concept study. Journal of Hydroinformatics, 14(4): 829-839.
pdf • Size: 0.41 MB

Smart Water Systems | April 2011 | Rob Hope, Alex Money, Michael Rouse, Tim Foster
pdf • Size: 0.72 MB

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