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Pearce, J, E. Greggio, and E. Stephens

Year of Publishing



A Decade of WPM RWSN: Mapping and Monitoring


The first webinar reviewed the development of WPM over the past decade, focusing on Malawi, the first country in which the practice was introduced. The key presenters provided dual perspectives of NGO and government actors, which demonstrated the varied methodologies for reporting water supply data, the extent to which data monitoring has impacted decision making and its role in extending equitable and sustainable service delivery. Presentations and discussion assessed the practice, policy, tools and technologies of monitoring and WPM, following its evolution and bringing to question whether WPM is currently a practical and sustainable solution given the reality of resources and government capacities.

Bibliographical Information:

Pearce, J, E. Greggio, and E. Stephens (2015) A Decade of WPM. RWSN: Mapping and Monitoring , RWSN


A Decade of WPM
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