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The Zimbabwe Government

Department of Water Resources and Development

Bush Pump Zimbabwe Standard Specification


The Bush Pump has been used in Zimbabwe for over 60 years. It was first designed in 1933 by Tommy Murgatroyd, a water suuply office working in Plumtree, Matebeleland, and some of his early pumps survive to this day.

The Zimbabwe 'Bush Pump' is almost unique on the African continent in that it was conceived and designed and is wholly manufactured within Zimbabwe itself. The family of 'Bush Pumps' owe their success to a simplicity of design and rugged construction which originated from Murgatroyd's pioneering work. The Bush Pump continues to serve the people of Zimbabwe, seventy years after the first pumps of the family were designed and built.

Bibliographical Information:

RWSN/DWRD (2004) Bush Pump. Zimbabwe Standard Specification , Department of Water Resources and Development , The Zimbabwe Government , Harare, Zimbabwe


Bush Pump
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