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Market Brief: Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting Insights from Uganda


This market brief is an output of the Technology,
Markets and Investment for Low-Carbon and Climate
resilient Development (TEMARIN) project, that is carried
out in two African countries, namely Kenya and
Uganda. The project is funded by the Danish Ministry
of Foreign Affairs and is implemented by the UNEP
Copenhagen Climate Centre. It aims to support countries
in accelerating the transfer, diffusion and uptake
of specific climate technologies. The project focus is on
strengthening domestic markets for climate technologies,
removing bottlenecks for domestic firms operating
in these markets and increasing cooperation among private,
public and international actors to build global and
national partnerships for upscaling implementation.
This market brief contributes to the project’s overall
aim by undertaking a detailed scoping and analysis of
the contemporary state of rooftop rainwater harvesting
(RRWH) in Uganda. It provides an analysis of the respective
socio-economic conditions as well as the enabling
environment, policies and support structures that are
involved in the diffusion of the technology. Further,
it investigates the key drivers and determining factors
that determine the uptake of the technology. The brief
provides empirical insights into the Ugandan RRWH
market and the regime it operates in, as well as current
barriers to the further uptake of the technology.

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United Nations Environment Programme (2012) Market Brief: Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting. Insights from Uganda


Market Brief: Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting
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