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Community Water and Sanitation Agency SMALL COMMUNITIES SECTOR GUIDELINES (Operation and Maintenance Guidelines)


Ministry Of Water Resources, Works and Housing

1. Small Communities Water Supply Systems shall be operated and maintained in a sustainable manner.
2. Potable water shall be delivered at GSB water quality standards to consumers in a virtually uninterrupted manner (at least 95% of the time) over the design period in a cost effective manner.
3. Gender balanced WATSANs shall be established in each Small Community and shall have overall responsibility for the operation and maintenance of all water and sanitation facilities in the community.
4. Planned routine and periodic maintenance shall be provided for all water and sanitation infrastructure. For point sources, hand pumps and associated above – below ground components including concrete structures, shall be adequately maintained. Similarly, for piped systems, all electro mechanical equipment, civil works structures, pipe work and ancillaries, etc., shall be adequately maintained.
5. Caretakers shall be employed by WATSANs for routine operation and maintenance. Area Mechanics shall be contracted for periodic maintenance. Operational staff shall be engaged to operate and maintain small community piped systems.
6. All caretakers, Area Mechanics and other operatives engaged to operate and maintain the systems shall be provided with adequate training and shall be certified to perform their respective duties. Periodic refresher training shall be provided to such staff.
7. Beneficiary communities shall be educated on good hygiene practices, sanitation and O&M activities for the water provided.
8. Adequate records shall be kept on the operation and maintenance of the water supply system for analysis, reporting and informed decision-making.

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GOVERNMENT OF GHANA (2010) Community Water and Sanitation Agency. SMALL COMMUNITIES SECTOR GUIDELINES (Operation and Maintenance Guidelines)


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