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Concept Note Ediscussion on performance of rural water service management E-discussion of the Sustainable Services Theme


The “Sustainable Services” group of RWSN will host a three-week e-discussion from October 31 and November 21, 2022, focused on the topic of rural water service management: what drives performance? This e-discussion will enable RWSN members reflect on their experience of the drivers of rural water performance, under different management arrangements, countries, and contexts.

With the expansion and complexification of rural water services, approaches to management have evolved over the last decades. Although community-based management (CBM) remains the predominant arrangement, governments are recognizing its limitations and taking steps to improve rural water performance in different ways:

- Community-based management is being strengthened through a combination of long-term regularized support, stronger regulation, and mechanisms for providing specialized maintenance providers.
- Alternative arrangements are being adopted, largely through the involvement of public utilities or private operators with more skilled and remunerated staff.
- Services are being consolidated or aggregated to achieve greater financial viability, spread risk, and increasing the attractivity of rural water services.

As this transition from a homogenous policy offering to a more pluralist set of management alternatives accelerates, a greater understanding of performance drivers is needed.

This e-discussion will seek to gather practitioners’ perspectives on the elements that drive performance, starting at the activity level (week 1) and zooming out into the broader WASH system (week 2) and the contextual factors (week 3). It will build on an initial webinar and an e-survey organised in June and will support various ongoing sector efforts in this area, particularly the research under the REAL-Water program and UNICEF/SIWI’s decision-supporting tool on service delivery models under development.

The e-discussion will run in ENGLISH, FRENCH and SPANISH.

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RWSN (2022) Concept Note Ediscussion on performance of rural water service management. E-discussion of the Sustainable Services Theme , RWSN , RWSN

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Concept Note E-discussion on Performance of rural water service delivery management
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FR_Note de concept_Ediscussion sur la performance de la gestion de la prestation de services d_eau en milieu rural
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SP_Nota conceptual_Ediscusion sobre el rendimiento de la gestion de la prestacion de servicios de agua rural
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