Fisher, Catherine and Harris, Benjamin (Eds.)

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e-Pact Consortium

e-Pact Consortium

Compendium of WASH Results Programme Learning A collection of the learning outputs from FCDO’s WASH Results Programme (2014-2021)


How do you make Payment by Results work in Water Sanitation and Hygiene? How can sustainable WASH outcomes be achieved and monitored? These were some of the questions posed at the beginning of the innovative WASH Results Programme in 2014. Over seven years later, at the end of the programme, a great deal has been learned about how this relatively untested funding mechanism works in the WASH sector, how it can be used to promote sustainable WASH outcomes and how those outcomes can be measured.

This compendium consolidates our learning about the practicalities, challenges and benefits of Payment by Results. The compendium is for WASH donors, implementing organisations and everyone seeking to monitor WASH results, particularly outcomes. It has relevance beyond the WASH sector for those considering commissioning or tendering for Payment by Results Programmes or undertaking third-party monitoring and verification.

Key Takeaways
1. Payment by Results can be used successfully to finance WASH at scale
2. Payment by Results Programmes need careful design to achieve stated goals
3. Analysis of outcomes achieved by the WASH Results Programme provides insights for the sector on what can be achieved in large scale WASH programmes.
4. Managing WASH programmes through outcomes can drive accountability and add value
5. Investment in monitoring systems supports more effective WASH programming
6. Equity and sustainability considerations need to be hard-wired into programmes from the outset

Bibliographical Information:

Fisher, Catherine and Harris, Benjamin (Eds.) (2021) Compendium of WASH Results Programme Learning. A collection of the learning outputs from FCDO’s WASH Results Programme (2014-2021) , e-Pact Consortium , e-Pact Consortium , Oxford, United Kingdom

More Information

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Compendium of WASH Results Programme Learning
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