The India Mark III Pump is a robust conventional lever action handpump for shallow to medium deep wells. It is designed for heavy-duty use, serving communities of 300 persons. The maximum recommended lift is 30 m. Besides the “Standard 63.5 mm” configuration, there exists a version with Ø50 mm cylinder size for lifts up to 50 m.


The India Mark III Pump is a public domain pump defined by Indian Standards and RWSN specifications. This pump requires special skills for installation and has good potential for community based maintenance.


The India Mark III has similar configurations as the India Mark II, only the “down-hole components” were changed in order to improve the village level maintenance. The most important improvement is the “open top cylinder”, which makes it possible to remove the plunger and also the foot valve without lifting the cylinder and the entire rising main (Ø 65 GI pipe). Cylinders are available in Ø50 mm and Ø62.5 mm.        


Pump head, handle, water tank, pump stand and pump rods are made of galvanized steel, rising main of galvanized GI pipe, pump cylinder cast iron / brass, plunger and foot valve of brass. This pump is not corrosion resistant and should not be used in aggressive water (pH value < 6.5).

Local manufacturing

All “above ground components” have a potential for local manufacturing, the other parts need a high degree of quality control to ensure a reliable operation. The cost of the tooling requirement is substantial and therefore the number of manufacturer will be limited.


The installation of the India Mark III Pump needs well-trained area mechanics with lifting tackle and comprehensive tool kit. Cylinder settings of more than 20 m are very heavy to handle.     

Technical data

Depths for use,  
Ø63.5 mm cyl.: between 10-30 m
Ø50 mm cyl.; between 10-50 m
Max. Stroke: 125 mm
Approx. discharge (75 watt input, Ø63.5 mm cylinder):  
at 10 m head: 1.8 m³/hour,
at 15 m head: 1.3 m³/hour,
at 20 m head: 1.0 m³/hour,
at 25 m head: 0.9 m³/hour,
at 30 m head: 0.8 m³/hour,
Pumping lift: 10 - 50 m,
Population served: ~ 300 people,
Households: 30 – 50 hh,
Asumed water consumption: 15 - 20 lt/per capita
Type of well: borehole or dug well.


This pump has an improved Community Management Potential” compared to the India Mark II, because the “open top cylinder” makes simpler maintenance possible with less tools involved.


Price (approx):     Pump at 0 m:     USD …….
MS Connecting Rods (M12):          USD …….
GI Riser pipes (3 or 6m):                USD …….
Distribution:                                    Few thousands in India.       


NB    Nominal Bore
GI     Galvanized Iron
MS    Mild Steel


RWSN, India Mark II, III and India Mark II Extra Deep-well Handpump Specification, Rev. 2-2007,
• RWSN, India Mark III, Installation & Maintenance Manual, Edition 2008.


Possible composition of a selected India Mark III Pump:
Pump head type                 B
Pump stand type                C
Rising main arrangement   B
Cylinder arrangement        B
Pump rod arrangement      A

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