The India Mark II Extra Deep well Pump is designed for lifting water from extra deep water sources and is therefore strongly built. The maximal lift recommended is 80 m.

The India Mark II Extra Deep well is a public domain pump defined by Indian Standards or RWSN specifications.

This pump is not considered to be a VLOM pump.    


The India Mark II Extra Deep well Pump is a conventional lever action handpump and is subject to Indian Standard IS 15500 or to the RWSN Handpump Specification, Rev. 2-2007. The down-hole components exist of a brass lined cast iron cylinder and the brass plunger has a triple cup seal of Nitrile rubber. The rising main is of Ø 32 mm (1 ¼”) GI pipe and the pumprods are of galvanised steel with M12 connectors.    


Pump head, handle, water tank, pump stand and pump rods are made of galvanised steel, rising main of galvanised GI pipe, pump cylinder cast iron / brass, plunger and foot valve of brass. This pump is not corrosion resistant and should not be used in areas with aggressive water (pH value < 6.5).

Local manufacturing

The reinforced “above ground components” have a potential for local manufacturing, but all other parts require a high degree of manufacturing quality that is presently not available in most of the African countries. Imported components however require a tight quality control in order to improve the lifetime of certain pump components considerably (wearing parts).

 Technical data

Depthsfor use: between 50 - 80 m
Cylinder diameter:  63.5 mm
Maximum Stroke: 125 mm
Approx. discharge (75 watt input):  
at 50 m head: 0.55 m³/hour,
at 60 m head 0.45 m³/hour,
at 70 m head: 0.4 m³/hour,
at 80 m head: 0.35 m³/hour,
Population served: up to 150 people,
Households:  10 – 15 households,
Assumed water consumption: 15 - 20 l/per capita,
Type of well: borehole


The installation of the India Mark II Extra Deep well Pump need area mechanics that have attended special training and are well equipped with lifting tackle and comprehensive installation tools.   


For maintaining this pump, special skills & tools are needed that exceeds the ability of a village caretaker. However, specifically trained area mechanics are able to maintain this pump.


In general, it is advisable to check also alternative water lifting solutions, before deciding to use an extra deep well handpump under these conditions (80 m is already a critical depth for all handpump types).
Pump Price at 0 m:
Pump (standard pedestal):    USD …….
Pump (telescopic pedestal):  USD …….
MS Pumprods (M12, 3 m):     USD …….
GI Riser pipes (NB 32, 3 m):  USD …….
Distribution:         few pumps installed in India and in Africa.


NB    Nominal Bore,
GI     Galvanised Iron,
MS    Mild Steel,
SS     Stainless Steel.


• RWSN, India Mark II, III and India Mark II Extra Deep-well Handpump  Specification, Rev. 2 2007,


Possible composition of a selected India Mark II Pump:
Pump head type                A
Pump stand type               C
Rising main arrangement  A
Cylinder arrangement       A
Pump rod arrangement     A

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