The Bush Pump is a robust conventional lever action handpump, developed and standardised in Zimbabwe (SAZ 881:2004). It is designed for heavy-duty use, serving communities of 300 persons. Three different cylinders are available, the smallest one extend the range to a maximum recommended lift of 80 m. The Bush Pump is not corrosion resistant. It requires special skills for installation as well as for the maintenance; it is not a VLOM pump.

Peter Morgan has produced a set of Inspection training videos.

National Standards

Standards Association of Zimbabwe:

  • SAZS 881:200:2004


The Bush Pump is a conventional lever action handpump. The typical feature of this pump is the “Hardwood block” that acts as both, bearing and lever mechanism. The pump is designed that the stand can be directly bolted to the protruding 6” steel casing of the borehole, Ø150 mm NB (Nominal Bore).

'B' Bush Pump in Epworth, Zimbabwe (Dr Peter Morgan)


Pump stand made of mild steel painted, handle & riser pipes of galvanized GI pipe, pump rods are of galvanized steel, cylinder of brass, bearing block of hardwood, plunger and foot valve of bronze or brass. This pump is not corrosion resistant and should not be used in areas with aggressive water (pH < 6.5).

Local manufacturing

The Bush Pump has excellent potential for local manufacturing and is produced by different companies in Zimbabwe.


The installation of the Bush Pump needs well trained area mechanics. Lifting tackle is used for pump installation and maintenance interventions. No special tools are needed.

  Technical data

Ø75 mm cylinder: for depths from 3 - 25 m,
Ø63.5 mm cylinder:  for depths from 20 - 45 m,
Ø50 mm cylinder: for depths from 40 - 80 m
Maximum Stroke: 200 - 250 mm,
Approx. discharge (75 watt input, 63.5 mm cylinder): at 10 m head:     1.4 m³/hour,
  at 15 m head:     1.1 m³/hour,
  at 25 m head:     0.8 m³/hour,
  at 30 m head:     0.7 m³/hour,
Pumping lift:         5 - 80 m,
Population served:  ~ 300 people,
Households: 30 - 50 households,
Water consumption:  15 - 20 l/per capita
Type of well:  borehole or dug well.


The pump with the standard configuration has a limited “Community Management Potential”, but it is very reliable and popular with the community. The “open top cylinder version” gives the possibility of a simpler maintenance (see remarks).


Besides the “Standard” configuration, there exists an “Open Top Cylinder” version with different cylinder sizes (Ø50 mm, Ø63.5 mm and Ø75 mm). To make maintenance easy, pump rods with casehardened hook & eye connectors are standard (Ø16 mm).
Price (approx):    Pump at 0 m:    USD …….
MS Connecting Rods (Ø16 mm): USD …….
GI Rising main (per 3 m):             USD …….
Distribution:        > 30,000 in Zimbabwe.


GI Galvanized Iron,
ES Extractable System,
NES Non Extractable System,


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