The Afridev Pump with a Bottom Support System (BSS) is a technology that uses a reinforced version of the Afridev Pump together with a Support from the end of the borehole (BSS). It is designed for water lifting in low water table areas and the maximal lift recommended is 80 m. The Afridev Pump with BSS is a public domain pump defined by RWSN specifications. The Afridev Pump with BSS is fully corrosion resistant, relatively easy to install by pump mechanics and can be maintained by the communities.


The Afridev Pump with BSS is a conventional lever action handpump. The configuration of the down hole components includes threaded riser pipes, standard Afridev cylinder, Pedestal pipe (support from the borehole end), FRP pumprods.
The latest improvements of this pump type are presently field tested in Mozambique and interested parties should be aware that the “official launch” for this pump type can only be made after testing is successfully completed.


Pump head, handle and pump stand are made of galvanised steel, pump rods of FRP rods (fibre glass reinforced plastic), rising main of PVC-U pipe (Ø 48 mm), cylinder of PVC-U pipe with brass liner (Ø 50 mm), plunger of brass and footvalve of plastic. This pump is fully corrosion resistant.

Local manufacturing

The reinforced “above ground components” have a potential for local manufacturing, but all other parts require a high degree of manufacturing quality that is presently not available in most of the African countries. Imported components however require a tight quality control in order to improve the lifetime of certain pump components considerably (wearing parts).


The installation of the Afridev Pump with BSS is relatively easy for trained installation crews and lifting equipment is not needed.

Technical data

Depths for use: between 50 - 80 m,
Cylinder diameter: 50.0 mm,
Maximum Stroke: 225 mm,
Approx. discharge (75 watt input): at 50 m head:     0.55 m³/hour,
  at 60 m head:     0.45 m³/hour,
   at 70 m head:     0.4 m³/hour,
  at 80 m head:     0.35 m³/hour,
Population served: up to 150 people,
Households:    10 – 15 households,
Water cons.: 15 - 20 l/per capita,
Type of well:  borehole.


This pump has an excellent “Community Management Potential”, it is reliable, easy to repair by a village caretaker and popular with the communities.


In general, it is advisable to check also alternative water lifting solutions, before deciding to use an extra deep well handpump under these conditions (80 m is already a critical depth for all handpump types).
This pump type is still under field testing in Mozambique.


PVC-U    Polyvinyl Chloride (unplasticised)
SS          Stainless Steel
FRP        Fibre Reinforced Plastic


RWSN, Afridev Handpump Specification, Rev. 5-2007,
RWSN, Afridev Pump with Bottom Support System, Specification, Rev. 1-2008,
RWSN, Afridev Installation and Maintenance Manual, Rev. 2-2007,


Possible composition of a selected Afridev Handpump:
Pump head type                 A
Pump stand type                B
Rising main arrangement   A
Cylinder arrangement        A
Pump rod arrangement      A

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