The Afridev Pump is a conventional lever action handpump. It is designed for heavy-duty use, serving communities of up to 300 persons. The maximum recommended lift is 45 m. The Afridev Pump is a public domain pump defined by RWSN specifications. The Afridev Pump is fully corrosion resistant, easy to install and has excellent potential for community-based maintenance.


The Afridev Pump is a conventional lever action handpump. The configuration includes an “open top” cylinder: the piston can be removed from the cylinder without dismantling the rising main. The foot valve is retractable with a fishing tool.


Pump head, handle and pump stand are made of galvanised steel, pump rods

of stainless steel or of FRP rods (fibre glass reinforced plastic), rising main of PVC-U pipe (Ø 63 mm), cylinder of PVC-U pipe with brass liner (Ø 50 mm), plunger and foot valve are of brass or plastic. This pump is fully corrosion resistant.

Local manufacturing

All steel parts of this pump have a potential for local manufacturing. Local companies who manufacture PVC-U pipes and have the knowledge of processing engineering plastics are able to produce the “down-hole components”. Tooling cost are high and therefore the number of manufacturer will be limited.

Technical data

Depths to be used: 10-45 m
Cylinder dia.:   50.0 mm,
Maximum Stroke: 225 mm,
Approx. discharge (75 watt input): at 10 m head:     1.4 m³/hour,
  at 15 m head:     1.1 m³/hour,
  at 20 m head:     0.9 m³/hour,
  at 30 m head:     0.7 m³/hour,
Pumping lift: 10 - 45 m,
Population served:  ~ 300 people,
Households:      30 - 50 hh,
Water cons.: 15 - 20 lt/per capita,
Type of well:  borehole or dug well.


The installation of the Afridev Pump is not difficult and does not need any lifting equipment. It is however recommended to employ a well-trained crew with the necessary skills for the installation.


This pump has an excellent “Community Management Potential”, it is reliable, easy to repair by a village caretaker and popular with the communities.


In Pakistan and Afghanistan derivatives of the Afridev Pump with the names Indus, Kabul and Pamir Pump have been developed.

Distribution:       throughout Africa, many ten thousands.


PVC-U   Polyvinyl Chloride (unplasticised)
MS        Mild Steel
SS         Stainless Steel
FRP       Fibre Reinforced Plastic


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Maintenance interventions for the Afridev Handpump

    Possible composition of a selected Afridev Handpump:
    Pump head type                 B
    Pump stand type                C
    Rising main arrangement   A
    Cylinder arrangement        A
    Pump rod arrangement      C


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