Dr Kerstin Danert


RWSN Theme Leader: Sustainable Groundwater Development

Vadianstrasse 42
CH-9000  St Gallen

eMail: kerstin.danert@skat.ch

Phone: +41 (0) 71 228 54 54
Fax: +41 (0) 71 228 54 55


Miscellaneous Information

Dr Kerstin Danert is a water and sanitation specialist with 16 years of experience, primarily in sub-Saharan Africa. She has provided advisory and capacity building services to African Government, NGOs and small private enterprises and undertaken extensive documentation work.

She has extensive experience of programme formulation, management information systems and monitoring and evaluation in the water and sanitation sector. For the last four years, Dr Danert has worked in the context of a Sector Wide Approach to Planning (SWAP) with the Ministry of Water and Environment in Uganda.

Her doctoral research was on public-private-community partnerships with respect to manual well drilling in Uganda. She has subsequently been involved in research and documentation with respect to cost-effective boreholes in sub-Saharan Africa, including management of studies in Nigeria, Ethiopia and Madagascar, and undertaking research and documentation in Niger.

In addition to her expertise with respect to socio-economic and technical aspects of domestic water supplies, Dr Danert also has experience of productive water, with a focus on small-scale irrigation. This includes evaluation work and strategy development in Ethiopia.

Dr Danert has supported local community based organizations as they implement innovative rainwater-harvesting projects. She has also supported the Government of Uganda in the piloting and promotion of other appropriate technologies including the rope pump and domestic roofwater harvesting. She has also been involved in the piloting of self supply and self help approaches to rural water supply.


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