Become an individual member of RWSN.

It's free, but if the your find the network useful, then why not give a small, regular contribution to help us reach more people. All contributions go through Skat Foundation, a non-profit foundation based in Switzerland, and 100% will be used for RWSN activities, which we report on annually and transparently. So why not contribute $2 or €2 a month via the PayPal link below:

To become a member of RWSN, all you have to do is join the RWSN community. You will be asked for your name, email address and reason why you want to join. Once you have registered,  you can fill in your profile to let others know what you do, what organisation you work for and what country you are based in. RWSN Communities is a web and email based discussion platform designed specifically for development professionals.

Benefits of being a RWSN individual member:

If you are an existing member, or are not sure then please re-register by visiting »

Become a RWSN Member Organisation

It is also possible to join as a ‘Member Organisations’ of RWSN.  RWSN is a network of individuals and organisations that are committed to improving water services for the rural poor everywhere in the world.  Being a Member Organisation of RWSN is a commitment to sharing knowledge and good practices, and to uphold the statements set out in the RWSN Vision and 2011 Kampala Commitments.

Why become a member

  • Logo and organisation page on the Member Organisation page of the Member Organisation area of RWSN website
  • Preferential posting of items in the RWSN quarterly newsletter  and opportunities to become involved in RWSN collaborations.

Who can become a Member Organisation?

An organisation should fulfil the following criteria to become a Member Organisation:

  • Support the aims of RWSN (agree to the RWSN Vision and Kampala Commitments 2011)
  • Have a website
  • Be willing to insert the "RWSN Member Organisation" on your website (if technically possible) and create a link back to the RWSN website
  • Have at least three people working full time for your organisation
  • Have been a registered entity for at least 2 years

If you do not meet these requirements then the individual membership is probably more suitable - see above


Conditions and cost of membership

There is no mandatory membership fee, but Member Organisations are invited to make an annual contribution to support the networks on-going knowledge sharing, networking and training activities:

Type of organisation Definition Suggested subscription (CHF/year) 
Small Organisation 3-10 staff 50
Medium Organisation 11-100 staff 250
Large Organisation more than 100 staff 500
Network or Association   An organisation of organisations  150


  • CHF - Swiss Franc (as of January 2019, 1 CHF is approximately 1 US Dollar)

All subscription payments go through Skat Foundation, a non-profit foundation based in Switzerland, and 100% will be used for RWSN activities, which we report on annually and transparently.

  • Membership lasts for 2 years and then can be renewed. Membership can be terminated by the Member Organisation at any time. Any donations or subscription payments are non-refundable.
  • The Executive Steering Committee of RWSN reserves the right to reject, suspend or terminate the membership of any organisation who they deem not to have behaved in a professional manner as set out in the Kampala Commitments 2011.
  • Your details will not be passed on or shared or sold to third parties. You can find details of our Privacy Policy here.


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