Accelerating inclusive farmer-led irrigation development: a sustainable approach to reaching scale IWMI Webinar (English only) • Online

This session will focus on the systems approach to sustainability and inclusivity as we want to accelerate scale. In the first webinar, our experienced panelists shared their perspectives with more than 490 engaged participants in 66 countries about systemic barriers to scaling farmer led irrigation development. We zoomed in on strengthening supply chains and services and how innovative finance modalities could support social inclusivity.

In this webinar, we raise the question on how accelerating FLI development can be sustainable and inclusive. How do we ensure water security whilst supporting agricultural economic development? What are the incentives across actors within food systems to support sustainable use of water resources? How do we ensure that water access remains equitable to all water users? What is the role of institutions and regulations to safeguard and stimulate water stewardship?

We will delve into these important issues in a 1.5 hour discussion with global experts in sustainable smallholder farming. Participants will be asked to provide examples of the types of farmer incentives, government regulation and monitoring, private sector initiatives or other approaches they have piloted or tested/ to support and stimulate water stewardship. Moreover, the discussion will explore the need for technical advisory and knowledge cooperation in accelerating sustainable and inclusive FLI development.

▪ To discuss the various aspects of sustainability and potential trade-offs for FLI development
▪ To discuss innovative approaches to ensure water access remains equitable to all water users as FLI development is accelerated

This series is hosted by the International Water Management Institute (IWMI) together with the World Bank, The Daugherty Water for Food Global Institute and the Global Water Partnership (GWP).SPEAKERS:
• Armand Houanye, Global Water Partnership West Africa (GWP West Africa)
• Petra Schmitter, International Water Management Institute (IWMI)
• Shilp Verma, International Water Management Institute (IWMI-TATA)
• Dave D'Haeze, Hanns R. Neumann Foundation
• Claudia Ringler, International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)
• Barbara Van Koppen, Rural Water Supply Network and IWMI
• Sarah Keener, Water Global Practice of the World Bank Group

• Peter McCornick, Daugherty Water for Food Global Institute (DWFI)
• Peter Repinski, Global Water Partnership (GWP)
• Regassa Namara, Water Global Practice of the World Bank Group
• Joy Busolo, WRG Africa of the World Bank Group

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