Professionalising Manual Drilling UNICEF, Skat Foundation

© 2010 • RWSN / SKAT

© 2010 • RWSN / SKAT

Project starts: 2013
Project finished: 2014
Collaborators & Partners: UNICEF, Skat Foundation
Funder: UNICEF, Skat Foundation


Building and supporting local enterprises to develop markets and undertake manual drilling in a professional manner.

Project Description

In 2013 UNICEF and Skat Foundation are following up on recent efforts to professionalise manual drilling. The collaboration draws together experiences and lessons from over 15 countries. A manual drilling task force is being established and knowledge-sharing between countries is being enhanced supported. The work includes the production of a Compendium of Manual Drilling.

Update - April 2013 - Published Survey Results (see link below).
Update - August 2013 - Manual Drilling Country Summaries for Guinea, Malawi and Uganda (see link below)


In Africa, Manual drilling, is 4-10 times less expensive than machine drilling and has the advantage of increased accessibility, whereby it can reach areas unlikely to be served by conventional mechanized drilling operations. In recognition of its contribution to reaching MDG target 7c, manual drilling has been included as one of the MDG Good Practices 2010 by the United Nations Development Group (UNDG). Indeed, as a result of the professionalization of manual drilling countries such as Senegal, Chad and Niger have seen dramatic reductions in the cost of water points, coupled with significant gains towards national water supply targets.

In 2010 UNICEF in partnership with EnterpriseWorks/Vita and Practica Foundation)supported the preparation of a Manual Drilling Toolkit. It provides a step by step methodology for the promotion of a local professional manual drilling sector. In addition, the potential for manual drilling has been mapped for 12 African countries (Benin, Central African Republic, Chad, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Madagascar, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Senegal, Sierra Leone, and Togo).

More Information

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» Manual Drilling Country Overview

Learn about the experiences of manual drilling from several countries. By August 2013 Malawi, Guinea and Uganda are available. Over the coming months, experiences from more countries including Chad, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Nepal, Nigeria and Sierra Leone will be added!

» Technologies: An Introduction to Manually Drilled Wells

» Training: Manual Drilling: Water 4 Foundation Training

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» Professionalising Manual Drilling (Maps, Technical Notes, Case Studies & Manuals developed by UNICEF)

» Ethiopia: Manual Well Drilling Program

» Ghana: Preparations for manual drilling initiative in Central Region begin

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