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Global prospects to deliver safe drinking water services for 100 million rural people by 2030 REACH working paper 12

Downloads: 1007
Author: Nilsson, K., Hope, R., McNicholl, D., Nowicki, S., and Charles, K.
Year of Publishing: 2021
Publisher: University of Oxford and RWSN
Institution: REACH programme

Lead in drinking-water: Health risks, monitoring and corrective actions Technical brief

Downloads: 37
Author: WHO
Year of Publishing: 2022
Publisher: World Health Organization

Solar Water Pump Durability Research Memo

Downloads: 135
Author: Nathaniel Faith, Kaileigh Vincent-Welling, Tyler Bernard, Arne Jacobson
Year of Publishing: 2020
Publisher: Schatz Energy Research Center
Institution: Schatz Energy Research Center

Stop the rot: handpump functionality, corrosion, component quality and supply chains Action research in sub-Saharan Africa

Downloads: 1642
Author: DANERT, K.
Year of Publishing: 2022
Publisher: Ask for Water GmbH, Skat Foundation and RWSN.

What Makes a Drinking Water Technology Resilient to Climatic Hazards? REACH Programme Poster

Downloads: 29
Author: Esha A. A., Rahman M. R., Salehin M., Chowdhury A. I. A.
Year of Publishing: 2023
Publisher: Durham University
Institution: REACH Programme

What’s Working, Where, and for How Long A 2016 Water Point Update to the RWSN (2009) statistics

Downloads: 624
Author: Banks, B. & S. G. Furey
Year of Publishing: 2016
Publisher: RWSN
Institution: GWC/Skat

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