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Technical Notes on Borehole Drilling in Madagascar

Downloads: 65
Author: UNICEF
Year of Publishing: 2019
Publisher: UNICEF
Institution: UNICEF

The Zimbabwe Bushpump Experiments in the use of PVC rising mains with “bottom support” using a 75mm PVC rising main

Downloads: 10
Author: Morgan, Peter
Year of Publishing: 2019
Institution: Aquamor

Forage d’eau: vers la professionnalisation d’un secteur

Downloads: 123
Author: UNICEF et Skat Foundation
Year of Publishing: 2018

Bonnes pratiques pour la réalisation de forages au Burkina Faso - 2017 Note de mission

Downloads: 70
Author: Danert. K, Ouedraogo, JP, Amadou, B et Zombre, A
Year of Publishing: 2018
Publisher: Skat Foundation
Institution: Skat Foundation

The Zimbabwe Bush Pump Recent research into technical methods of reducing down time, using standard downthe- hole equipment

Downloads: 16
Author: Morgan, Peter
Year of Publishing: 2017
Institution: Aquamor Pvt Ltd

Rural Water Supplies and Sanitation An update and compilation of research activities in support of Zimbabwe’s rural water supply and sanitation program

Downloads: 123
Author: Morgan, P.
Year of Publishing: 2016
Publisher: Aquamor Pvt. Ltd.
Institution: Aquamor Pvt. Ltd.

Water Source Protection Exploring ways to incentivise citizens and organisations to manage shared water resources in a fair, equitable way.

Downloads: 305
Author: FUREY S. G.
Year of Publishing: 2015
Publisher: Skat Foundation
Institution: RWSN

How to Make Water Wise Roads

Downloads: 566
Author: Steenbergen, F. van, K. Woldearegay, H.M. van Beusekom, D. Garcia Landarte, and M. Al-Abyadh
Year of Publishing: 2014
Publisher: IFAD
Institution: Meta Meta, UPGro, RAIN

The Rope Pump Concept

Downloads: 181
Author: ERPF, K.
Year of Publishing: 2005
Publisher: Rural Water Supply Network
Institution: Skat

Human-Powered Drilling Technologies an overview of human-powered drilling technologies for shallow small diameter well construction, for domestic and agricultural water supply

Downloads: 438
Author: CARTER, R. C.
Year of Publishing: 2005
Publisher: Cranfield University
Institution: Silsoe College

Rural water supply in Africa Building blocks for handpump sustainability

Downloads: 11
Author: HARVEY, P. and REED, B.
Year of Publishing: 2004
Publisher: Loughborough University
Institution: WEDC

Groundwater Quality Protection A guide for water utilities, muncipal authorities, and environment agencies

Downloads: 79
Author: FOSTER, S., HIRATA, R., GOMES, D., D'ELIA, M. and PARIS, M.
Year of Publishing: 2002
Publisher: The World Bank
Institution: GW-MATE

Iron & Manganese Removal: Simple methods for drinking water Working Papers on Water Supply and Environmental Sanitation - Vol. 1

Downloads: 672
Author: HARTMANN, P.
Year of Publishing: 2001
Publisher: Skat

Manual for Integrated Projects for Rural Groundwater Supplies

Downloads: 135
Author: ODA Groundwater Team
Year of Publishing: 1982
Institution: UNDP

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