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Moulding Guidelines for the Production of Rubber Components

Downloads: 22
Author: lohn Keen, Revised edition (1-1999) by Karl Erpf
Year of Publishing: 1999
Publisher: SKAT
Institution: HTN

The Bush Pump - the national Standard Handpump of Zimbabwe A review by SKAT/HTN to find out what had made this pump so popular in Zimbabwe.

Downloads: 197
Author: ERPF, K.
Year of Publishing: 1998
Publisher: RWSN (incl. HTN)
Institution: Skat

International Conference on Manual Irrigation Proceedings HTN Working Paper: WP 01/96

Downloads: 64
Author: WISHART, G.
Year of Publishing: 1995
Publisher: RWSN (incl. HTN)
Institution: Skat

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