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Manual for Integrated Projects for Rural Groundwater Supplies

Downloads: 130
Author: ODA Groundwater Team
Year of Publishing: 1982
Institution: UNDP

Well Digging A Guide to the Construction and Protection of Hand Dug Wells

Downloads: 655
Author: LAVER, S.
Year of Publishing: 1980
Institution: GTZ, Blair Research Laboratory

Wells Construction Hand Dug and Hand Drilled

Downloads: 515
Author: BRUSH, R. E.
Year of Publishing: 1979
Publisher: Peace Corps
Institution: Information Collection & Exchange

Maintenance Guideline for Kardia Handpump Step by Step illustrated manual for major maintenance on Kardia Handpump

Downloads: 143
Year of Publishing: 0000
Publisher: Inter Aide

India Mark II Major Maintenance Guide

Downloads: 320
Author: Inter Aide
Year of Publishing: 0000
Publisher: Inter Aide Sierra Leone
Institution: European Union

Why wells should only be dug in a specific period of the year? Understanding one of the main causes of wells’ drying in Sierra Leone, through an analysis of a water table movements.

Downloads: 35
Author: InterAide
Year of Publishing: 0000
Publisher: InterAide

Upgraded Family Wells in Zimbabwe Collection of reports (2002-2012)

Downloads: 63
Author: various
Year of Publishing: 0000
Publisher: -
Institution: -

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