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Groundwater Quality and Handpump Corrosion in Africa UNDP-World Bank Handpumps Project

Downloads: 102
Year of Publishing: 1994
Publisher: World Bank
Institution: WSP

Evaluation of Maintenance Systems in Ghana

Downloads: 4
Author: Fonseka J, & E. Baumann
Year of Publishing: 1994
Publisher: Skat

Upgraded Well Manual for Field Workers

Downloads: 382
Author: MORGAN, P.
Year of Publishing: 1995
Publisher: Mvuramanzi Trust

Uganda’s Water Sector Development: Towards Sustainable Systems HTN Working Paper: WP 02/96

Downloads: 36
Author: WISHART, G.
Year of Publishing: 1996
Publisher: RWSN (incl. HTN)
Institution: Skat

The Bush Pump - the national Standard Handpump of Zimbabwe A review by SKAT/HTN to find out what had made this pump so popular in Zimbabwe.

Downloads: 189
Author: ERPF, K.
Year of Publishing: 1998
Publisher: RWSN (incl. HTN)
Institution: Skat

Handpump Technology Input to the Joint Review of the Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Eastern Uganda Project- RUWASA Phase IIA

Downloads: 74
Author: BAUMANN, E.
Year of Publishing: 1998
Publisher: Rural Water Supply Network
Institution: Handpump Technology Network/Skat

A Brief Review of Groundwater for Rural Water Supply in sub-Saharan Africa Technical Report

Downloads: 610
Author: MACDONALD, A., and J. DAVIES
Year of Publishing: 2000
Publisher: British Geological Survey
Institution: DFID, NERC

Specification And Drawings For The Pounder Rig a human-powered drill rig for constructing shallow small diameter wells for domestic and agricultural water supply

Downloads: 143
Author: BALL, P. & CARTER, R. C.
Year of Publishing: 2000
Publisher: Cranfield University
Institution: Silsoe College

Tanzania Supply Chain Study Report

Downloads: 86
Year of Publishing: 2000
Institution: Skat

Water Services in Small Towns in Africa The Role of Small and Medium-Sized Organisations

Downloads: 22
Year of Publishing: 2000
Publisher: WSP
Institution: Water and Sanitation Program (WSP)

Report on The Performance of Afridev and Nira Handpumps on the Upper Regions Community Water Project (COWAP) Ghana Report for the GWSC/CIDA Community Water Project Upper Regions, Ghana

Downloads: 134
Year of Publishing: 2000
Publisher: COWATER
Institution: CIDA

The Zimbabwe Bush Pump: Mechanics of a Fluid Technology Social Studies of Science

Downloads: 41
Author: DE LAET, M. & MOL, A.
Year of Publishing: 2000
Publisher: SSS and SAGE Publications

Sustainable Handpump Projects in Africa Report on Fieldwork in South Africa May 23 – June 6, 2003

Downloads: 71
Author: HARVEY P. and S. M. KAYAGA
Year of Publishing: 2003
Publisher: Loughborough University
Institution: WEDC

Report 2: Desk Study & Proposed Work Program Report Development of Groundwater Information & Management Program for the Lusaka Groundwater Systems

Downloads: 5
Author: BAUMLE, R. & KANG'OMBA, S.
Year of Publishing: 2009
Publisher: BGR
Institution: Ministry of Energy and Water, Zambia

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