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3rd HTN International Workshop, India - Proceedings Government and Civil Society Partnership

Downloads: 28
Author: WISHART, G.
Year of Publishing: 2000
Publisher: RWSN (incl. HTN)
Institution: Skat

Guidelines for Selection and Standardisation of Handpump Technology Technical Paper 1

Downloads: 1
Author: Talbot, R. and A. Mudgal
Year of Publishing: 1998
Publisher: Skat
Institution: Handpump Technology Network

Handpump Technology Network (HTN) and Interagency Peer Group (IAG) Project Document

Downloads: 1
Author: Skat
Year of Publishing: 1993
Publisher: Skat
Institution: HTN

The International Handpump Workshop Kakamega, Kenya, 1992 Papers, proceedings and recommendations

Downloads: 5
Author: UNDP-World Bank
Year of Publishing: 1992
Publisher: World Bank
Institution: WSP

Pages: 1

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