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Afridev: 3-D CAD Files


This zip file contains shape files for the Afridev handpump. To view the files you will need extract the files using WinZip, or similar, and "SolidWorks e-drawings Viewer" which can be downloaded for free from:

To manipulate the files you will need commercial CAD software.

Any use or modification of these files should first get the permission from the author: James Freeman (contact via the RWSN Secretariat) and should credit him.

The user assumes responsibility for geometric accuracy and neither the author nor RWSN guarantee this work. Please see the ReadMe file in the package for the full details and disclaimer.

DISCLAIMER: This is a non-RWSN publication and endorsement by RWSN or any of its member organisations should not be inferred.

Bibliographical Information:

FREEMAN, J. (2013) Afridev: 3-D CAD Files.


Afridev: 3-D CAD Files
zip • Size: 15.66 MB

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