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TIP Matrix for cost Model “No subsidies”


The following tables include an example list of tasks for the Cost Model “No Subsidies”. This cost model is also known as “market based approach” and used e.g. for Self Supply.

For this example the set up was chosen as follows:
A water supply technology, e.g. a household water filter is supplied to users by the privet sector. The users cover all investment costs (CapEx) and also the costs for minor and major repairs (OpEx and CapManEx respectively). Some “software” support is provided from an investor, government and NGO for promotion and social marketing.

The example list of tasks is provided to show how a division of tasks could be organized following a market based approach. However for each specific case the division of tasks needs to be verified and customized to the specific context.

Bibliographical Information:

OLSCHEWSKI, A. (2013) TIP Matrix for cost Model “No subsidies”. , WASHTech Project


TIP Matrix for cost Model No subsidies
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