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Service Cooperatives - Solutions for Rural Water Supply in Ukraine Despro Analytical Paper No.1


After the breakdown of the Soviet Union, the centralised water supply systems in rural areas in Ukraine were no longer allocated sufficient funds for their operation and maintenance. As a consequence, many of the piping systems broke down and the level of service provision was low. In rural areas many households shifted to other sources for drinking water supply. However, a lack of quality groundwater challenges those people looking for better alternatives. A new, community-based model for water supply provision and operation and maintenance was developed by DESPRO/Skat, and has been implemented in 33 communities across Ukraine. Different organisational approaches have been used for implementation, including the service cooperative approach. In this approach, the beneficiaries are extensively involved in all levels of planning, implementation, and operation and maintenance activities. It considers equity and inclusion and looks sustainable, in terms of long-term provision of services within the current legal and economic context. This approach also shows great potential to be scaled up outside the two regions.

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SOROKOVSKYI, V. and A. OLSCHEWSKI, (2012) Service Cooperatives - Solutions for Rural Water Supply in Ukraine. Despro Analytical Paper No.1 , Despro , Skat , Kiev, Ukraine


Service Cooperatives - Solutions for Rural Water Supply in Ukraine
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