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Dale Young



MSABI was started in 2009 by Australian Engineer Dale Young in response to frequent cholera and typhoid outbreaks in the rural regions of Tanzania.

MSABI is a Social Business Incubator. We are pioneering progressive and innovative hardware and software systems that create and “spin-off” independent and locally owned WASH service delivery businesses. We help stimulate and create local market demand for essential services that improve the livelihoods and wellbeing of disadvantaged rural and peri-urban communities.

Examples of businesses include the manufacture of water filters, drilling of boreholes, production of hand pumps, maintenance services, micro-insurance, sanitation facilities, water kiosks and solar drip irrigation. We have shown that poor people value and will pay for quality services, and that these businesses can be financially sustainable.

Within RWSN we hope to publish our results and share our successes and failures to other stakeholders; to learn from best practices and also gain recognition and a platform for scale and replication of our initiatives.


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