Affordability is a key issue for user investments in rural water supplies.  Financial support to households may be required to accelerate Self-supply. Effective marketing and sensitisation campaigns are also important to address the specific needs and aspirations of different segments of the market. There is much to be learned from efforts in sanitation as well as health care marketing and rural finance. The RWSN strategy sets out to document and analyse suitable financial mechanisms for accelerating Self-supply.

Topic: Business Development and Financing Self-supply

Expected outcomes (2015-17): Good practices for business development and finance for Self-supply readily available for RWSN members

Activities & Publications (2015-17):

1. Documenting, sharing and synthesising good practices in business development and finance and building a community of practice.

2. RWSN Publication - Accelerating Self-supply: Good Practices for Business Development

3. RWSN Publication – Financial options for Self-supply


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