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Handbook on rainwater harvesting storage options

Downloads: 9
Author: Ministry of Water and Environment, Uganda
Year of Publishing: 2017

Harvesting the Rain A construcction Manual for Cement Rainwater Jars and Tanks

Downloads: 55
Author: T.V. Luong
Year of Publishing: 2002
Publisher: UNICEF
Institution: UNICEF

How to Make Water Wise Roads

Downloads: 478
Author: Steenbergen, F. van, K. Woldearegay, H.M. van Beusekom, D. Garcia Landarte, and M. Al-Abyadh
Year of Publishing: 2014
Publisher: IFAD
Institution: Meta Meta, UPGro, RAIN

Human rights to water and Self-Supply – Potential and challenges RWSN webinar on 24th November 2015 – Key messages and generic findings

Downloads: 48
Author: Olschewski
Year of Publishing: 2015
Publisher: RWSN
Institution: Skat

Multiple Use Water Services - Potential and Challenges for Rural Dwellers (English/Francais/Espanol). E-Discussion on Multiple use water services, 28th of April – 24th of May 2014.

Downloads: 586
Author: MUS Group/RWSN
Year of Publishing: 2014
Publisher: RWSN

Optimising Road Development for Groundwater Recharge and Retention Final Workshop

Downloads: 177
Author: Meta Meta Research / Mekelle University
Year of Publishing: 2014
Publisher: Meta Meta Research

Technical Guidelines for Construction and Maintenance of Hand Dug Wells Sierra Leone

Downloads: 561
Author: Ministry of Water Resources
Year of Publishing: 2014
Publisher: Ministry of Water Resources, Republic of Sierra Leone
Institution: Ministry of Water Resources

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